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Aboard the Floating Palace of a Good Time Billionaire Volume 2

by Bars and Tone

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released November 11, 2013

Written and Produced by Sean Blake, Joe Nativv and Gruw Raw as Bars and Tone
Fire Soup gang vocals by the DeadRinger Bears
All Over the Place written and performed by Bars and Tone and The Unkwn
Rocketship written and performed by Bars and Tone and Y. Bully
Along the Way written and performed by Bars and tone, SORU and The Unkwn
Somewhere in the Hood written and performed by Bars and Tone and Y. Bully
Good Time Billionaire performed by Bars and Tone, Y. Bully, SORU and The Unkwn
Some parts recorded by Sly and Cody
Mixed by Sean Blake
Mastered by Andy Krehm for Silverbirch Productions

Photography : Antoine Ryan
Graphics : Denise Audette
Special thanks : Studio 428 / Bleney Studio



all rights reserved


Bars and Tone Ottawa, Ontario

You could say that Bars & Tone is a Canadian alternative hip hop group with a folk rock/p-funk twist — but even a statement as vague as that would pigeonhole this diverse trio.

The guys have been honing their craft, recording song after song while doubling as a production team for the artists on the collective. Each has their own sound so for Bars & Tone, versatility and openness is compulsory.
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Track Name: Fire Soup
Better watch out for the three bears that are loose,
I heard that they escaped from the governmental noose,
They’re a threat to what’s known as the fundamental truth,
“They’re a threat to the nation, we’re sending in the troops”

And we just watch them go, and we just let them be,
We watch as much as we want, but let them roam free,
They won’t hurt a fly, they proceed with precision,
And they only exist when you’re watching television

Hey, open your eyes
And don’t touch that dial,
Hey, open your eyes
And don’t touch that dial,
‘Cause we’ll be right back,

Open your eyes, there’s helicopters in the skies,
Some of your favourite sheep are just wolves in disguise,

They teach us not to think so we can’t pick apart the lies,
‘Cause a generation of thinkers would lead to their demise,
So the objective is clear, never let the people rise

Look around there’s helicopters in the skies
Track Name: Clever Beard
I see you rolling your eyes at me again,
I see you’re rolling, rolling with the times my friend,

I feel so clever with my beard,
And stroking it

I feel so clever with my beard,
With my fingers

I see you rolling your eyes at me again,
I see you’re rolling, rolling with the times my friend,
I see you rolling your eyes at me again,
I see you’re flowing, flowing with the tides my friend
Track Name: All Over the Place ft. The Unkwn
Gruw Raw:
I will always remember
That chill summer night,
You were laying on the ground with my hoodie on,
You said "pass me a light"

You put your hand in your pocket and pulled a joint out,
I said, “I thought you was a good girl” and you replied,
“Well, I take a timeout
When I meet a man who makes me wanna ride out"

That's when the wind kicked up a bit,
And you got a little closer,
You whispered, “It’s getting cold,
But the night doesn't have to be over"

You told me I should come upstairs,
And when we got there, you put on a movie,
10 minutes later we were filming our own,
Good girl, waiting to go bad all along,

Mm — You just my type,
‘Cause when I went for that switch,
You said, “Hold up, keep the room bright baby,
This isn't something you wanna miss”,
And you really weren't playing,
Threw on a track and them hips started swaying,
Real slow, climbed on top,
Ya went to work and never stopped,

Damn, I said damn,

Marijuana's all over the place,
Marijuana's all over the place, ay

Ay — ay

I can see it all over your face,
I can see it all over your face — I can stay

Ay — ay

Marijuana's all over the place,
Marijuana's all over the place, now hey

Now hey — now hey

I can see it all over your face,
I can see it all over your face,
You wanna play

The Unkwn:
My virgin — Mary,
So sweet to me the way you do that thing,
Never knew that you liked to play these games,
You said, “babe, I do that thang”,

Got a bong, got a pipe, yeah you got that weed,
Said, “Baby, do you wanna smoke with me?”

High — So high — Sky high — Tonight
Tonight — You and I — We can fly — So high

Let’s get so blown ‘til we just lose it,
Bad girl — you don’t care who knows it,
But I do

Girl work it out for me,
Girl drop it low for me,
Keep rolling that thang,
Damn, I said damn
Track Name: Mercury
Gruw Raw:
She drove to the club with her friends,
Looking all good, looking to mend things between us,
Parked a few blocks away,
Walked through the rain in high heels and all,
Got to the spot, line around the block
Now wait, “drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip”
Now wait some more, “drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip"
She finally gets to the door — Oops, sold out — She flips out,
"I know the band, I know the guy performing, he used to be my man,
Let me in real quick and I'll clear things up"

I was chillin’ on a dirty-ass couch doing soundcheck,
Not ready for the sound that came out next,
My name in French — “Oh no, could it be she didn't check her phone?
I left her a message and told her there were no more tickets, why the fuck is she here?
She must be pissed — Awh great, doors open at 8, now I gotta deal with this at 7:56,
Wait right here guys I'll be back”,
Walking up to her, almost had a heart attack,
She’s killing that dress, I guess she tryna get me back,
"Oh shit, did she come with a dude?
Is that the conversation I'm about to get in to?
I am nowhere near ready for this, and right before a show too,
What a fucking a bitch — Shit man!”

Walking all fast on the verge of panicking, she spots me,
I'm the surrounded by the crew on the couch
With a drink in my hand when she calls me — “Richard”

She tells me the bouncer let her in real quick,
And she needs me to confirm that her name’s on the list, but,
I just tell her that it's sold out, and how I left a message telling her not to show up,
But apparently her phone broke —
Now she thinks I'm lying ‘cause I want her to leave,
Her eyes start to tear up, it's hard to breathe,
She's losing it, gives me a hug and starts booking it

I walk back to the crew, confused as shit,
They were there when I left the message,
Like, "didn't she check it?”
“Yo don't even get me started man,
Let's just get the show started”

“When I say dead, ya’ll say Ringer,
Dead — Ringer, Dead — Ringer”

The set was alright,
Yeah, my boys killed it,
Me, I was tight, but, you might say,
My mind was not all quite there,
We've had fights but we've always fought fair,
“How dare she show up at a show like that?
Oh yeah?! Well I’ma about to hit right back!”
Call up a girl she might know like, "Hi,
I used to date [insert name], how's life?"

She’s crying as she runs by the bouncer,
Her friends try to stop her, but she winds up
A few a streets down where she breaks down looking for her car,
She wants to go home right now, fuck the bar,
Her friends calm her down, telling her, “He’s just a clown,
You don't need him anyway, let’s burn up the town", but no,
She's in no mood — finds the whip, drives quick,
Runs to her room, where it all boils over,
Holes in the wall, yes, holes in the wall,
Pictures on the floor, bunch of clothes in a ball,
When her sister hears a racket, walks upstairs, finds her,
Hacking up everything in sight — she screams, "What happened!?
I thought you were at Raw’s show tonight"

God, what a night — at the Mercury.
Track Name: Rocketship
I’m on a rocketship,
That runs off purple haze,
The takeoff cloud lasts for days,
I’m on a rocketship,

I’m on a rocketship,
That runs off sour diesel,
The takeoff cloud is for my people,
I’m on a rocketship,

Sean Blake:
I hit my medicine
‘Til I light up like Edison's
Ideas you might say a light went off,
Yes, type to spark — I'm electric son,

“Telegraph transmission:”
Started without a pot to piss in,
But I caused the plot to thicken,
Like a Pyrex pot in the kitchen — mad recordings,
Gotta have massive hordes of plastic Bordens,

That's a new bill — Wilfred be my middle name,
And you know where there's a Will there's a way,
Or some shit I could say, I'm in a bit of a daze,
Bit up enough of this haze to get me to space,

Payload secured, the launch pad ready,
As the intake activates, we see heavy
Smoke, we got main ignition, fruition,
Now all we gotta do is hold’er steady
Track Name: Theme Song
Gruw Raw:
Hold up, don't get too personal,
You'll get hurt, it'll only get worse,
Your music will get better, but it still won’t work,
Hold up, don't get too personal —
Argh, you're getting too personal!

Fuck it, I do what I know and I love it,
Talk from the heart, if it's dark, oh well,
It ain’t gon’ sell either way,
Might as well say what the others won't say
Like yeah — I let thoughts haunt me, and yea,
I'm a little odd, so what? Fuck wit me, leave with your mouth sewn shut,
Grew up on the block — no, never sold a rock,
Still people wanna put me in a box and tell me I need backup, “back up!”
Maybe, but write a song like me, then talk shit,
Money ain't my shit — I would take it if it come ‘cause, who wouldn't?
I don't wanna make it for those who said that I wouldn’t,
I'm gonna make it all for myself and my team
And general well-being, for anyone around me,
Yeah — Blake found me in the middle of a class like,
Wattup dog, watch me rap real fast, like, “Damn, that kid go HAM",
Pre-HAM — That kid can rap,
I'm in, lemme pick up a pen, and that's it,
Yeah, that's that — For the sake of the record fast-forward,
7 years, still going, team still growing and I love'em,

Was that too personal?

I remember growing up, it's hard to grasp how vast the world is,
Just a big game, you assume the playing field is a flat surface,
And your known universe don't stretch a whole lot beyond your backyard,
And you figure this is how every kid's life is, drug dealers in your backyard,

Grade seven; good friend lent me Nevermind,
Couldn't get enough, wishing Kurt never died,
Block got so hot in the summer time,
Mom's Corolla just got stole for the second time,

That's when it started kicking in,
The neighbourhood I was living in,
Watchin' rappers with cars & chains
On MuchMusic like, “Oh, I get it then,
Spittin' bars pays dividends”

That was around the same time when I first heard Eminem
In my yellow walkman, “Bitch I'ma kill you”,
“Who knew”, what a sentiment,
Plus the man set a precedent —
In my mind at that time, race became irrelevant,
So I started finding beats on the Internet,
From then on it was evident I was meant to spit,
I remember my first verses: money, hoes and nines,
Evenly dispersed curses scrawled across some notepad lines,
A liar, ‘til I realized how good it felt to write about myself,
Helped with pain from my father leaving,
Plus picked on so school was hell,

But I could not maintain,
Grade nine brought back that same pain,
Guess the chemicals in my brain changed,
By that next year my name changed: Sean Blake,
But I'm ashamed ‘cause in grade nine,
Thought about suicide, never knew inside,
I could do this right,
I owe this to those who gave me new insight,

And I'm sorry if this is all news to
A lot of you — not what you're used to,
And it's hard to write
But I feel obliged
‘Cause I been beat and
I bruise too,

And I know there's some kids out there that are
Just like I was, tryna see a broader picture,
And I know what it's like growing up on the block without a father figure,
And at first, yeah, it made me mad,
But it ain't so bad if you take all that,
Aggression and confusion and that tension and you use it

And you do this: this fucking music, there’s nothing to it,

This is not a lament for those of us who have been wronged,
It's a celebration of reversing adversity; call this your theme song,

This is not a lament for those of us who have been wronged,
It's a celebration of reversing adversity; call this your theme song,

Gruw Raw:
Whoa — hold up,
Don't tell them to get personal,
They'll get hurt, it'll only get worse,
Their music will get better, but it still won’t work,
Hold up — don't tell them to get personal,
You got way too personal!

Fuck that — never let your fear interfere with a verse,
Don't lie to yourself, or hide from yourself,
I said it in the first, it'll only get worse,
Your music will get better, but it still won't work —
Who cares, music, and you get better,

Nothing's too personal,
Just release on a record,
And don't be afraid to release that record,

Track Name: What Am I Seeing
I feel it breathing
Down my neck this evening,
I don’t believe in
What I am seeing,
What am I seeing?

Gruw Raw:
Oh — you think know me?
Which one? The new, or the old me?
Yeah, you told me would never come back
So I changed — how selfish of you to take blame,

I made everything different again

You did nothing, don't even try to pretend,
Or portray the lack of action as an act of a friend,
All you did was stand back and laugh at my attempts
To erase every trace of you,

But I bet you ain't laughin’ now punk,
Funny how things work out, huh?

I don't need you no more,
Cry, go ahead, cry,
Your tears hit the floor and I smile inside,
I'ma poor sport — or maybe I'm just tired,
Of having you appear out of nowhere,
After disappearing out of nowhere — Really?!
A full year since your last visit — and you expect to find
The same person that you left behind?
You out your mind muthafucka I refuse to believe in you —
I refuse to believe in something I can't see,
Yes, you existed, but you no longer do,
So a nuisance in my life is something you can't be

But you won't accept that,
You wanna hold on to the past,
You wanna be a constant pain in my ass,
Making me second-guess every second thought that comes to my mind,
Pretty much freezing me in time,
No wonder I get distant — damn,
I can’t show how crazy I am,
I’ve hid it for so long, pretending to be strong,
Every night I have the same light go on,
‘Til guess who shuts it off: Raw
Track Name: Along the Way ft. SORU and The Unkwn
I can’t take the sounds
Of the takeoffs or the touchdowns,
Miles from infatuation,
Pulling the strings
Of adulation

The Unkwn:
But if you wanna go babe,
I guess I won’t force you now,
But if you wanna come back,
I guess I’ll be waiting around,

But I don’t wanna wait too long for you baby,
I wanna see you right now,
I’ll cover the ground — I covet your brown skin sugar,

And I don’t wanna take too long for you baby,
I’ll fly just to see you right now,
If you want it I’ll — I’ll go the distance, for instance

The Unkwn:
When you kissed me goodbye,
Lips soft like red roses,
Made my heart stop ‘cause baby
You know whether you’re near or far
I’ll run just to find ya, don’t wanna ever let you go, go, go,

All this time now we are here, from miles apart all this is real,
So strong inside, the way I feel — my heart beats for you,
This is real

But if you wanna go babe,
I guess I won’t force you now,
But if you wanna come back,
I guess I’ll be waiting around
Track Name: We Found Love ft. The Unkwn
We found love on our paths,
We found love that could not last,
We found love on our paths,
We found love that could not last

Sean Blake:
More people to love means more people to lose,
So you better have my heart if you’re fucking with my crew,

Baby, ain’t we
Something? Maybe?
Say we, make these haters crazy,

Gruw Raw:
Even though we been here before,
It still feels new — awkward and familiar,
Not knowing what to do, like,
"Great, I'm back here — shit, it's last year"

And even though we crashed twice,
I still think of our last fight
And how emotions weren't involved,
I wasn't even there — I forced you to solve a problem,
That is not at all fair, and I'm sorry,
I really am, I said I'm sorry,
It won't happen again

And even though we've tried our best
To replace and forget
The feelings that went to waste,
We still wanna retrace our steps
To find out if there's anything left, but
I won't hold my breath

The Unkwn:
When I thought about ya — the way you made me feel,
Now anything about ya, you giving me the chills,

You telling me don’t go, don’t wanna hear no more baby,
We both had our chance before, time for us to move on baby,

So let it go, what you gonna do now? Come around,
Call me out, make a big scene now,

I gotta let it burn baby — I’m never gonna turn baby but,
There’s no need to lie — did that your first try baby,
How you lead me on — cold as a winter storm, baby
Track Name: Somewhere in the Hood ft. Y. Bully
Y. Bully:
There used to be a friend I know,
Somewhere in the hood
My homie used to hold his own,
Somewhere in the hood
I feel my homie lost his soul,
To the glitter and the gold —
Had the pots on the stove like,
Cooking that shit at home,
Father already gone,
Killing who brought you here I guess your conscience ain't at wrong —
I guess you’re shaking hands with all these demons,
I mean you’re eating, right? You’re sleeping, right?
‘Cause I feel like I’m the only one who’s not sleeping at night

Gruw Raw:
Somewhere in the hood lives a friend I know,
She look good, but she lives with rats at home,

I never understood how she could last that long,
‘Til she made me see, the people here are way past gone,

The table top is always white — even though it's painted black,
In, in, in and out — busy, busy, busy house,
How can a place like that be safe? It can’t,
But what can you do when the shoe that you live in
Has gotten its sole by illegal ambitions — you’re stuck

Which always feels really close to fucked,

They're nothing but a few streets down,
Yet walk inside the crib and it looks and feels as if you've driven a mile,

Desolated interior with reflective personalities,
I can feel the disbelief of this being reality — Shit,

Submissed to the pain of the past to rest a bit,
And woke up in a hell she never invested in,

Boring — Just another story

Y. Bully:
Father, Oh Father,
How you gonna bless them with a son or a daughter,
And let’em raise them in this hell they call home,
Where love isn’t found but it’s sold,
Misleaded in this life, so chances are they gon’ dope,
And we supposed to cope with this shit,
I mean, look at the scene, father a fiend,
Brother providing by selling the keys,
Mother deciding that she gonna leave,
Her daughter be pregnant and only thirteen?

Her daughter be pregnant and only thirteen.

Gruw Raw:
Brother, Oh brother,
Why'd you have to kill the fam again?

Mother, Oh mother,
Why you just sitting there? Stand again

I don't feel the willingness in anyone to make it,
‘Cept for the sister,
Who has a broken back and blisters on her feet,
‘Cause of the weight she carries week to week,
It’s bound to be, or bound to get,
Emotionally ugly
‘Cause everyone is thinking the exact same thing:

"My family doesn't love me"
Track Name: Good Time Billionaire
Good time billionaire,
Can’t live by himself,
Good time billionaire,
Hopes he doesn’t die alone