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We found love on our paths,
We found love that could not last,
We found love on our paths,
We found love that could not last

Sean Blake:
More people to love means more people to lose,
So you better have my heart if you’re fucking with my crew,

Baby, ain’t we
Something? Maybe?
Say we, make these haters crazy,

Gruw Raw:
Even though we been here before,
It still feels new — awkward and familiar,
Not knowing what to do, like,
"Great, I'm back here — shit, it's last year"

And even though we crashed twice,
I still think of our last fight
And how emotions weren't involved,
I wasn't even there — I forced you to solve a problem,
That is not at all fair, and I'm sorry,
I really am, I said I'm sorry,
It won't happen again

And even though we've tried our best
To replace and forget
The feelings that went to waste,
We still wanna retrace our steps
To find out if there's anything left, but
I won't hold my breath

The Unkwn:
When I thought about ya — the way you made me feel,
Now anything about ya, you giving me the chills,

You telling me don’t go, don’t wanna hear no more baby,
We both had our chance before, time for us to move on baby,

So let it go, what you gonna do now? Come around,
Call me out, make a big scene now,

I gotta let it burn baby — I’m never gonna turn baby but,
There’s no need to lie — did that your first try baby,
How you lead me on — cold as a winter storm, baby




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Bars and Tone Ottawa, Ontario

You could say that Bars & Tone is a Canadian alternative hip hop group with a folk rock/p-funk twist — but even a statement as vague as that would pigeonhole this diverse trio.

The guys have been honing their craft, recording song after song while doubling as a production team for the artists on the collective. Each has their own sound so for Bars & Tone, versatility and openness is compulsory.
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