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Gruw Raw:
Hold up, don't get too personal,
You'll get hurt, it'll only get worse,
Your music will get better, but it still won’t work,
Hold up, don't get too personal —
Argh, you're getting too personal!

Fuck it, I do what I know and I love it,
Talk from the heart, if it's dark, oh well,
It ain’t gon’ sell either way,
Might as well say what the others won't say
Like yeah — I let thoughts haunt me, and yea,
I'm a little odd, so what? Fuck wit me, leave with your mouth sewn shut,
Grew up on the block — no, never sold a rock,
Still people wanna put me in a box and tell me I need backup, “back up!”
Maybe, but write a song like me, then talk shit,
Money ain't my shit — I would take it if it come ‘cause, who wouldn't?
I don't wanna make it for those who said that I wouldn’t,
I'm gonna make it all for myself and my team
And general well-being, for anyone around me,
Yeah — Blake found me in the middle of a class like,
Wattup dog, watch me rap real fast, like, “Damn, that kid go HAM",
Pre-HAM — That kid can rap,
I'm in, lemme pick up a pen, and that's it,
Yeah, that's that — For the sake of the record fast-forward,
7 years, still going, team still growing and I love'em,

Was that too personal?

I remember growing up, it's hard to grasp how vast the world is,
Just a big game, you assume the playing field is a flat surface,
And your known universe don't stretch a whole lot beyond your backyard,
And you figure this is how every kid's life is, drug dealers in your backyard,

Grade seven; good friend lent me Nevermind,
Couldn't get enough, wishing Kurt never died,
Block got so hot in the summer time,
Mom's Corolla just got stole for the second time,

That's when it started kicking in,
The neighbourhood I was living in,
Watchin' rappers with cars & chains
On MuchMusic like, “Oh, I get it then,
Spittin' bars pays dividends”

That was around the same time when I first heard Eminem
In my yellow walkman, “Bitch I'ma kill you”,
“Who knew”, what a sentiment,
Plus the man set a precedent —
In my mind at that time, race became irrelevant,
So I started finding beats on the Internet,
From then on it was evident I was meant to spit,
I remember my first verses: money, hoes and nines,
Evenly dispersed curses scrawled across some notepad lines,
A liar, ‘til I realized how good it felt to write about myself,
Helped with pain from my father leaving,
Plus picked on so school was hell,

But I could not maintain,
Grade nine brought back that same pain,
Guess the chemicals in my brain changed,
By that next year my name changed: Sean Blake,
But I'm ashamed ‘cause in grade nine,
Thought about suicide, never knew inside,
I could do this right,
I owe this to those who gave me new insight,

And I'm sorry if this is all news to
A lot of you — not what you're used to,
And it's hard to write
But I feel obliged
‘Cause I been beat and
I bruise too,

And I know there's some kids out there that are
Just like I was, tryna see a broader picture,
And I know what it's like growing up on the block without a father figure,
And at first, yeah, it made me mad,
But it ain't so bad if you take all that,
Aggression and confusion and that tension and you use it

And you do this: this fucking music, there’s nothing to it,

This is not a lament for those of us who have been wronged,
It's a celebration of reversing adversity; call this your theme song,

This is not a lament for those of us who have been wronged,
It's a celebration of reversing adversity; call this your theme song,

Gruw Raw:
Whoa — hold up,
Don't tell them to get personal,
They'll get hurt, it'll only get worse,
Their music will get better, but it still won’t work,
Hold up — don't tell them to get personal,
You got way too personal!

Fuck that — never let your fear interfere with a verse,
Don't lie to yourself, or hide from yourself,
I said it in the first, it'll only get worse,
Your music will get better, but it still won't work —
Who cares, music, and you get better,

Nothing's too personal,
Just release on a record,
And don't be afraid to release that record,





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Bars and Tone Ottawa, Ontario

You could say that Bars & Tone is a Canadian alternative hip hop group with a folk rock/p-funk twist — but even a statement as vague as that would pigeonhole this diverse trio.

The guys have been honing their craft, recording song after song while doubling as a production team for the artists on the collective. Each has their own sound so for Bars & Tone, versatility and openness is compulsory.
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