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Better watch out for the three bears that are loose,
I heard that they escaped from the governmental noose,
They’re a threat to what’s known as the fundamental truth,
“They’re a threat to the nation, we’re sending in the troops”

And we just watch them go, and we just let them be,
We watch as much as we want, but let them roam free,
They won’t hurt a fly, they proceed with precision,
And they only exist when you’re watching television

Hey, open your eyes
And don’t touch that dial,
Hey, open your eyes
And don’t touch that dial,
‘Cause we’ll be right back,

Open your eyes, there’s helicopters in the skies,
Some of your favourite sheep are just wolves in disguise,

They teach us not to think so we can’t pick apart the lies,
‘Cause a generation of thinkers would lead to their demise,
So the objective is clear, never let the people rise

Look around there’s helicopters in the skies




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Bars and Tone Ottawa, Ontario

You could say that Bars & Tone is a Canadian alternative hip hop group with a folk rock/p-funk twist — but even a statement as vague as that would pigeonhole this diverse trio.

The guys have been honing their craft, recording song after song while doubling as a production team for the artists on the collective. Each has their own sound so for Bars & Tone, versatility and openness is compulsory.
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