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Aboard the Floating Palace of a Good Time Billionaire Volume 1

by Bars and Tone

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Miles ahead of their previous releases, this self-produced, self-mixed alternative album runs the gamut from folk rock to hip hop and p-funk.


released September 30, 2013

Written, Produced and Mixed by Sean Blake, Joe Nativv and Gruw Raw
Mastered by Andy Krehm for Silverbirch Mastering
Cover Photo: Antoine Ryan
Cover Photo Assistant: Simon GLB
Cover Design & Concept: Denise Audette
Special Thanks: Yan Bleney / Studio 428



all rights reserved


Bars and Tone Ottawa, Ontario

You could say that Bars & Tone is a Canadian alternative hip hop group with a folk rock/p-funk twist — but even a statement as vague as that would pigeonhole this diverse trio.

The guys have been honing their craft, recording song after song while doubling as a production team for the artists on the collective. Each has their own sound so for Bars & Tone, versatility and openness is compulsory.
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Track Name: I Think I feel
Feel, I think I feel, I think I feel love when I wake up with you,
Please don’t take my heart, don’t take my heart when we’re through,
Feel, I think I feel, I think I feel love when I wake up with you,
Please don’t take my heart, don’t take my heart when we’re through,

Cause I’ve built my soul and I’ve cleaned my intentions, it’s true,
Yes, I’ve built my soul and I’ve cleaned my intentions for you

Fear is what I feel, what I feel when you wander off with them,
And lies are what I hear, they’re all I hear when you say they’re just friends,
Well fine, that’s just fine, no big deal, no need to hide how you feel,
Just, run, go ahead and run, go ahead and run
And hope I’ll still be here, in a year, my dear
Track Name: I Know a Girl
I know a girl, she says she’s too good for me,
She lives in a world of fantasy,
I know a girl, she’s seeing a guy,
She’s lost in his world and he’s treating her right,
He bought her a house on the hillside,
I can see it in her eyes, she’s not satisfied

Don’t you rub it in my face, I’ve been trying to give you some space,
I’ve been trying and trying but you still, you rub it in my face

I know a girl, I guess she’s moved on,
She’s gone from my world, I guess I couldn’t hold strong,
I know a girl, she wears flowers in her hair,
She’s gone with the world, without a care,
He bought her a car but she doesn't even drive,
It’s just parked on the street, on the hillside
Track Name: This Time
This time, this time, this time, this time,
I’m gonna do it my way,
This time, this time, this time, this time,
I’m not gonna get played,

Two beautiful women — nameless,
One has a baby — nameless,
Met them and my life changed,
The perspective of her and her sister
Let me into a world I couldn't imagine ever existed,
Stories, stories, people twisted,
Girls, I'm sorry that I missed it,

Fast forward

When I saw the one I fell in love with,
I was waiting at the door when it opened like, "Oh shit
I'm in trouble, this girl fresh,
And in a subtle way, honey don't you ever turn
The other way, unless it's for me to see that bubble baby
So what you sayin’... ha, you staying?”

Got to knowing both, and it was like — whoa,
This some real shit, not for light — folks,
Been through shit, then more shit, and came out different,
Can you blame ‘em? Hell to the no, ‘cause hell changes people
And everybody alive knows it,
But I seemed to be the only one who held them close
And told them just to ride through it,

And no fighting! Ha, no need to make war,
Just release every piece of your life that you're sore about,
And drop people if you need to,
If they're evil it's nothing to you,
Or at least it shouldn't,
And I know I wasn't the first to say it ‘cause I couldn't have been,
I just think they believed me when I told them they were great people
Who shouldn't have been
Put through half of the stupid shit
They ended up getting put in,

Friends lost, rest in peace
No names, rest in peace
Track Name: For Nothing
Never did it for the money, if I did I would have been rich by now,
Never did it for the honeys, if I did I’d be fucking a bitch right now,
Pardon my French — being profane came with the culture,
To fill the silence, mixed in with a little violence, make it vulgar,
Yeah, hit ‘em with that dumb shit, ass motherfucker shit cunt bitch,
They like that like that, did you write that? You should never switch up shit,
Wordsmith militant, am I not killin’ it with the penmanship?
Could you not make a lot of dollars adding up all of the sense I spit?
You can take that to the Bank, am I talking to a Goddamn wall?
Even with the Kiwi mop dripping my handstyle’s too technical,
So let me break it down like this, I don’t think you really feel me at all,
Take a second and you might see me reaching out between the bars,

What do these words mean to you?
Have I been talking for nothing?
What do these notes mean to you?
Have I been playing for nothing?
What do I mean to you?
Has this all been for nothing?

I’m in need of inspiration,
That’s why you’re my everything — yeah
You are my dedication — my
Medication to anything,
You pick me up but you drop me quick,
I’m sickeningly sober when you’re not my fix,
So fix it — please, come and fix me,
Now I’m mixing these pills,
With a few shots of whatever,
And even if I try, and I try,
I will never stop writing about who I wish was still here,
Fog up every verse, wipe it off and it’s clear,
The topic’s my mirror
Track Name: Rock My Soul
Rock my soul,
Rock it tender, rock it slow,
Rock it ‘til it won’t rock no more,
Rock my soul

Our little closed-off world,
Sometimes clothes-off world,
A little slow love, girl,

We should call it a country and
Constitute our own constitution and
Chart our own charters,
Our governing bodies in bed with our corporations
Under the influence of the lobbyists in our lungs,
Lobbyists whose agenda it is to have no agenda at all —
Except perhaps, a Minister of Agriculture

Minutes of Defense meetings might make mentions of
Musical Militia,
Men armed to the teeth with moving messages in
Iambic meter,
I wanna unseam your clothes and
Free ya — free
From any material barriers
Preventing our various areas
From connecting like dots
So we can lift off like harriers,
And I wanna feel our heartbeats syncing up,
And there would be no need for you to tell me what you’re thinking of —
I’m thinking it,
Trying not to slip again
Before I go and I forget how to think again,

Don’t lose it
Cause I want to wander off with ya,
Find a beautiful place to race to and get lost with ya,
Take this life and leave it, we can beat it like an officer,
And I would want to be rocking ya but,
You rock my soul
Track Name: Montreal
And we do this every second week,
And I hate that you gotta watch me leave,
And I know right now it’s hard to believe,
But pretty soon, it’ll be the last one of these,

Pretty soon I’ll have taken my last train,
And you will have seen me arrive for the last time
Track Name: Everyday Routine
Woke up this morning just to stand in line,
Gotta get my coffee before I lose my mind,
Walked to the bus stop with a hot cup in my hand,
Turned on my iPod and played my favourite band, yeah

That’s just my everyday routine, yeah
I’ve got to keep it up if I wanna get where I’m goin’
That’s just my everyday routine, yeah
I’ve got to keep it up, if I wanna get where I’m goin’

I’m on the OC just sitting in the back,
Got my head on the window, just thinking ‘bout my past,
Daddy always told me, “You gotta learn from your mistakes,”
That’s why I keep my head up and focus on the day, hey
Track Name: Makin' Bacon
I wake up at 5AM every day,
I work my ass off and I sweat like a pig,
Every street’s the same, it’s fucking memory lane,
And all day long, all I can think is:

Crispy, crispy,
Bacon, bacon,

It brings me joy to know, yes it brings me joy to know,
It brings me joy to know that somewhere, someone’s makin’ bacon
Track Name: Baltimore 2 Step
Baltimore 2 step!
Track Name: Heavy
Heavy, heavy soul,
Heavy, heavy, heavy, out-of-control,
Heavy, heavy, soul,
Heavy, heavy, heavy, she’s got me low,

My head is filled with lead,
As I run my fingers through this feeling,
My heart is weighing me down,
As I run my fingers through this feeling
Track Name: Take It Off
Just take it easy girl, sit back, relax,
I know your day was tough, here, let me help a bit.
Kick your feet up, let me roll some weed up,
And get a little closer, let your body heat up,
This your night, don’t worry I got you,
I can tell your day was awful, trust me,
But now you’re home, right now nothing’s wrong,
Look around, you see what I see? We’re alone.

You don't have to be so covered all the time,
You could just take it off,
You don't have to be so perfect all the time,
You could just take it off,
And it doesn't have to be so complicated all the time,
You could just take it off,
And it doesn’t have to be so ugly all the time,
You could just take it off